BNI 60 Seconds: Using Free Online Marketing Techniques

My name is Jon Ewing and I am a website designer from Reading.

You should refer people to me because I can help them to use the internet to get more business and enhance their reputation.

This morning I’ve been having a look at some of the online techniques the election campaigners in my constituency are using.

The Conservative Party’s Alok Sharma is trailing behind – he doesn’t appear to be using Twitter and his Facebook page has only got 137 supporters so far.

Labour’s Naz Sarkar is Tweeting about his campaign and has 125 followers. His group Naz Sarkar for Reading West currently has 185 members.

But screaming into the lead is the Lib Dem candidate, Daisy Benson, who is active on Twitter with 1,382 followers, has a regularly-updated campaign blog, and has a Facebook page with 499 members.

So what can we glean from all this?

Simply that these people feel there may be something to gain possibly a seat in the Houses of Commons from making use of these free tools provided for marketing themselves and their ideas. So this week my ideal referral would be a company that wants to be doing the same and doesn’t know where to start.

To find out how good your website could be, look into inframes.

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