FREE!! Internet Marketing 101 Workshop for Small Business Owners


Who: Technology Brokers Association
Where: Huntington Beach, CA
When: Tuesdays & Fridays. AM and PM available – see website for details and to register.

Yellow Pages, newspapers, magazine ads, home mailers, television commercials all the traditional marketing channels are becoming less and less effective as their costs continue to rise. Why? Because the Internet has fundamentally changed how we live and how we get our information. Business is no exception. You know this. And while many of us still read the LA Times with our morning coffee, you know you need to get aboard the Internet express or youll get left behind. But where do you begin?

Come learn all about the Internet and how you can grow your small business using advanced Internet tools and techniques. You will hear from Crisantos Hajibrahim, one of the technology sectors most trusted innovator for the small businesses market space. He has been recognized by no less than Google as a recognized leader and a trusted go-to resource for the Google team on a number of initiatives. (Jeff Ragusa, Google Partner Programs Manager, November 2008).

Crisantos will teach you:

– how Google AdWords works and little known secrets to get the most out of your Pay Per Click budget

– Google Analytics, the eyes and ears of your website without which you cant hope to succeed with your Internet strategy

– how Google’s Webmaster tools are essential for Google Search success

– the power of Video and YouTube marketing

– the truth about traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques and cheaper yet more effective alternatives for small businesses;

– online Drip Marketing, tracking Craigslists, and so much more…

Spend a couple hours with Crisantos in this fun-filled, lively and informal workshop with fellow small-business owners and you will walk away knowing more than many seasoned web professionals!


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