Free Twitter Network Marketing Secrets

As many of you know, the twitter network marketing combination has been making a huge splash in the home business industry recently. As one of the hottest social networking sites, Twitter has influenced how many of us connect on a daily basis with others and network. However, here is one very cool way to use twitter to get increased exposure for your business that you probably don’t know.

Twitter itself is open to many 3rd party software sites, and what that means for you is that there are many many ways to use twitter, aside from just sending out tweets all day.

One way to use network marketing and twitter, is to set-up your account so that any kind of content from your own MLM blog that is out there, a link to it can automatically be posted to your social networking account.

For example, let us say that you recently updated your network marketing blog. What you can do is, once this is set-up once, a short “tweet” will be sent to all of your twitter network marketing followers out there, notifying them that you have fresh informative content for them to look at.

Now, the key here is that you need to have good, informative content on your blog, not just spammy information, or people on social networking sites won’t come back to your site. But, over time, you can keep adding content to your blog, and people will come back more and more to your site, and enter your marketing funnel and in turn eventually become a customer or partner of yours.

So, head on over to a site called and set-up your account over there to start spreading your twitter network marketing content out there automatically.

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