Internet Marketing Bar Tool-Free Version-Live Demo & Review

Internet Marketing Bar Tool Free Version Demo & Review|
(If you find that you cannot download your tool bar at the moment, it may be down for “improvements being made”. Pre-register to ensure you get immediate word when it’s ready for downloading again…

Watch the live demo of the FREE version of the Internet Marketing Bar Tool. Goes through the tool live to explain how each area can be used. Can become an affiliate just by downloading the free version & make 25% commissions on anything anyone purchases in the IMB Tool even if you don’t upgrade.

Ready to try your free tool bar? Whatcha got to lose?
Download it here:

Hey guys & gals,

For those of you who downloaded your
Free Facebook Internet Marketers Tool Bar,
Several of you have asked about
how to install it…

So, I’m gonna help answer that for ya today:

(If you haven’t already downloaded your Tool Bar,
then get with the program & do it now!) 😉

First, I wanted to make sure all of you had
the support site: they usually get the issues
resolved very quickly if you submit a ticket.

The support site is here:

Second, Here are a few tips that I think will help:

1. You must download the Internet Market Tool Bar in GOOGLE CHROME
it is a GOOGLE CHROME EXTENSION…it will not work in any other browser.

2. Once you have it downloaded, you go to tools, then extensions.

3. You should see it pop up on your page that lists your extensions…
If you don’t, you can go to chrome://extensions in your
browser address bar & the right page will show up for you.

4. Once you are on the extensions page, You need to make sure
you “check” the Developer Mode box.

5. Then click the Load Unpacked Extensions button.

6. Once you do that, you should see the extension & the Enabled box
should be “checked”. If it is not, then “check” the Enabled box.

7. Once you see it enabled on your extensions page, you open up your
Facebook page & the Tool Bar should load there. It looks like any other
tool bar on the top of your page. Click refresh if you do not see it.
Once it’s installed & ready to go, you can start using your Tool Bar.
(It should be present on your Facebook page anytime you are on FB
or until you uninstall it or disable the extension).

Alrighty guys, that’s it for today,
Please connect with me on FB here
and then let me know if you have any questions &

PLEASE COMMENT on how you are LOVING your new TOOL BAR!
I would love to hear your testimonials!

Make it an Awesome day & Fantastic Weekend!

Angie Tonini-Rogers

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