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Are you looking to learn how to blog for money online?

Awesome you came to the right place. In this article I am going to show you how to make money by blogging. Now making money blogging is by far one of the coolest things you can accomplish because you basically give yourself freedom in your life.

Imagine being able to create a living with your laptop or phone on your own terms instead of being shackled into a life where you have to punch a time card. No more alarm clocks, no more commutes, and no more spending more time at a job than with people you love.

People today are programmed to be at a job and to work for the man. They are unaware that they have the ability to create a lifestyle that they can enjoy and that is on their own terms. This can be rough because now you got to a point to where your job controls your life.

There is only two ways to make money.

1. People at work.
2. Money at work.

A cool thing about learning how to blog for money online 2013 is that it is leveraged income. For instance yes me writing this blog is people at work. The only difference is that this blog will continue to work for me after I hit the publish button. Each blog post I have is like me creating a little soldier.

If I have 100 blog posts this will give me a small army of blog posts building a business for me which gives me leverage. Now when you have a small army of blog posts working for you and with you, this will help you to make money.

The huge part to learn how to blog for money online is to take the money you earn and put the money to work so you can free up your time. I like to use the money I earn to outsource promotion for my blog posts and to get more exposure to the products I offer.

When you have good exposure and you are heading in a specific direction you can make a lot of money when you do things in a certain way. Now not to many people figure this out because they want to re-invent the wheel and not take advice from someone who is actually creating results.

Tony Robbins says the fastest way to success is to model off of successful people and do what they do. For me learning how to blog for money online I left my ego at the door and learned off of people who are making millions by a blog. In particular I learned off two guys who use to be homeless and made a fortune helping people to learn how to blog and make money doing it.

Now since I’ve been talking about money a lot here is our income disclaimer because there are people making ridiculous amounts of money blogging but they are not typical and their results show it. Click here to see income disclaimer.

Now here is some tips to learn how to blog for money online.

The first thing is know why you are blogging in the first place. I know it’s about the money but why do you want the money anyway? Is it to travel to a certain place that you have never been before or is it to be able to leave your job. Is it to buy your mom a house or to get your dream house? Is it buy now nice things that you couldn’t afford before or get your dream car?

You have to know why you are blogging because each blog is a step forward somewhere. Some people will go in circles because they don’t have a reason why.

The next thing is to take massive action toward your main objective. Napolean Hill from think and grow rich, calls it a definite chief aim and to have a burning desire.

When you want to learn how to blog for money online you need to have the desire to really do it and not just try it out.

The next thing and I’ll leave it at that is that you need to have some good training on the subject from people who have done it. Get yourself the best education on how to blog for money. Once you get good education take action. I’ve found success is not doing things here or there, rather it is an accumulation of a bunch of things you have done consistently.

I found the place that will teach you how to blog for money and it has the best training around period. It will teach you how to blog at any level that you are starting out at. If you are at all serious about really changing your life and creating magic than click the link below and let’s get started now.

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