Free Video Marketing – How To Make $3897 PM on YouTube!

Hello and welcome to TubeToolkit! This is a complete system for video market is who wish to get their videos of the first page of Google for every key phrases they could possibly think of.

This book is for complete beginners who have never even chosen a niche to target, right through to advanced techniques for experienced marketers. We will talk about it discuss selling was already selling in creating videos to target staffing markets.

We will then move on to creating your account with you to and introducing you to many of the other video networks out there. I will show you how to personalise your channel and make it welcoming for other YouTube members to see what else you have to offer.

Before you create your video, there are a few important things you must think about first such as what type of videos get views, where you will get your footage for the videos and whether or not you actually need footage at all. I would suggest ways that you can have a video made relatively cheaply so you can go about doing what you are best at.

If you don’t have the cash for outsourcing your video production, I’ll introduce a variety of methods to create professional looking video yourself for free or next to nothing.

For a few of the methods I introduce you don’t even need a video camera. You will be surprised to find there are actually quite a few resources where you can get footage on the Internet for free. There are also many places where you can find royalty free images and music free or cheaply.

Later on in the book I’ll introduce a step-by-step method to creating your video to save time and money and hassle. I will introduce free and cheap ways of planning the highest possible quality video for your budget.

I will then introduce you to a few free and paid video editing software suites, some you may even have on your computer right now. These are extremely easy to use and make video making a breeze. There are also various tools for changing video into the various formats that you need.

Once you have your videos created it is time to find out what phrases people are searching in your niche so a whole chapter is included on keyword research. Video is very popular at the moment so you find yourself ranked very quickly, sometimes even making it to the first page of Google within minutes of your submission.

I then move on to the submission process at YouTube taking you through all the steps required to get your video online. I’ll introduce you to the critical steps required to getting people to click through and visit your website after they have watched your video.

As I’m sure you are aware there are many more video networking sites than just YouTube. I will introduce you to a few different resources to upload to the all in one go, meaning it is possible to dominate the first page of Google with your key phrase for just one video.

There are many ways to promote your video outside and inside of the video networking websites. I will introduce you to what has worked for me. It is possible to connect with customers and make friends and fans online with your videos. You can then softly sell to them without even realising they have been sold to

Video is not just about attracting customers. You can also use video to attract affiliates for your products and promote yourself and your name as a brand. Youtube has made many people famous and is a brilliant way to get noticed as your very own brand.

You don’t even need to create your own videos in order to use online video to promote and sell other people’s products I will discuss a variety of ways you can use other people’s videos as leverage for your own and other people’s products.

The TubeToolkit system is all you will ever need to create your first video and given online to you waiting public.

So let’s get started

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