“X Factor”: Why some quit network marketing and others become Free

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In this video, I reveal the “X Factor” and explain why some people quit network marketing. In fact, it is the same reason thousands of others create financial freedom in the same industry.
If a person’s goal is to earn $5000 per month and their dream is to create that income with no additional effort, they have 2 basic choices:
1. Work 40 years as an employee or small business owner and create $5000 per month on one person’s efforts: their own! Yes, in a small business, their income is still based mostly on theor own efforts with few exceptions. With this choice, an individual must save $1.2 million and be lucky enough to earn 5% on that money to receive a monthly income of $5000 per month.
Time frame- 40 years (if you’re diligent and lucky enough to save $1.2 million!)
2. Start a network marketing business. Create a passive residual income of $5000 off the efforts of 100 or more people. This can be done in 6 months to 5 years, depending on each person.
So, if anybody….ANYONE…can create a monthlly passive residual income of $5000 per month in 6 months to 5 years, why do some people never do network marketing, and why do some people quit network marketing?
Why? It makes no logical sense, right?
Because, as the “X factor” shows, people are conditioned to think that their “immediate” efforts should yield immediate results. This is why they work a job or run a small business for 40-60 years, earning income off of one person’s efforts. When many start a network marketing business and don’t “see” immediate results, they quit.
Many people either lack the vision of what is truly possible with their network marketing business or they lose sight of it.
When beginning a network marketing business, personal efforts are at an all time high, while rewards are at an all time low.
After 1-5 years of consistently building a home business, efforts are at their lowest each week, while rewards get greater and greater.
By building a network in any business, successful network marketers are able to separate their efforts from our income. Eventually, zero to minimal effort provides those that do not quit network marketing more income and greater results than those that work hard for 40-60 years!
Why do people quit network marketing?
It’s in the “X factor!”
Earn 100% of your income from 1 person for 40 years….
Earn .01%-1% of your income from 100-1000+ people in your network?
Your choice.
And, Never ever quit! Ever!

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