Affiliate Marketing For Dummies – Free Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners – Check out my FREE video course where I show you quick ways to make money fast online using FREE methods! (Click to get FREE access)

In this video I’m going to share a 3 step process on affiliate marketing for dummies and beginners that you can use right now to start profiting straight away.

I’ll show you how you can build these little websites that will make you affiliate commissions from such affiliate networks like Clickbank, JV Zoo, Commission Junction etc that will generate you a passive affiliate income everyday.

The best part though is that you only need a handful of traffic to start profiting from this as the traffic laser targeted – all you do is simply put a link in front of your traffic and I promise you will make money online!

This affiliate marketing for dummies video will show you how to build to build little 20 page websites in a wide range of markets then rank them via SEO for certain keywords that will bring in tons of free traffic on a daily basis.

Hope you enjoy the video, I give away some golden nuggets that’s for sure 🙂

James Scholes

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