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You really need low cost or free mlm leads that are laser targeted so you can recruit truly productive members to your team. With the right marketing approach you can generate the right kind of leads.

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Whoa!! What’s happening? You clicked on a video about free mlm leads and you’re looking at a guy who is old enough to be your father … or maybe your grandfather. What can this guy possibly tell you about free MLM leads?

Hey there. I’m Bob Lemley and I’m speaking to you from my home in sunny northern California. It’s true that I am definitely older, but I have the advantage of being connected with the best available lead generation system there is. I use this system to generate very low cost or free MLM leads on demand. This system lets me and a lot of other people accomplish things that most people on the internet only dream about.

I’m guessing that you clicked on this video because you are a frustrated network marketer. You feel good about your opportunity but you have 2 main problems … lack of leads and lack of money. You are not alone. Did you know that 97% of people in network marketing make less that $400 a month? That’s why you are here looking for free MLM leads.

Why did you join your MLM company? I’ll bet you were looking to add extra income so you could make your mortgage payment, buy a good car … maybe even make enough money to fire your boss and enjoy life. You saw this as a chance to make a significant improvement in your life. And you knew that you needed a good approach for attracting team members.

Your upline said that you could get free MLM leads by handing out DVDs and brochures and by making a list and contacting everyone on the list. How much have you spent in buying expensive sales material from your company in order to generate “free mlm leads”?

You’ve tried being an enthusiastic “teachable” representative and you’ve worked hard at doing what your upline told you. That is … you made your list of family, friends and acquaintances. You attend weekly meetings regularly. You tried scheduling home presentations and you bought a lot of media in the form of brochures and DVD that you can pass out to interested people. That approach works for a small number of people, but for most of us it simply doesn’t generate enough free MLM leads.

How is all that working out for you? I can tell you that it didn’t work well for me at all. I quickly ran out of friends and family, In fact, it almost seemed like some of them ran away from me -LOL. I had very little success in passing out brochures, DVDs and samples at places like shopping malls, Walmart and gas stations. Since I didn’t get enough free MLM leads I even bought “hot” leads. (The people I called didn’t even understand, or care, about why I called.) I signed people up and even got some residual income but I never really made any significant money. Until now I just didn’t know the right way to produce low cost or free mlm leads.

I just couldn’t generate enough leads for qualified prospects to build my business effectively. My problem was, I didn’t have enough free mlm leads to generate the money I NEEDED.

What I needed — and what you need — is a system that doesn’t interfere at all with your MLM company but allows you to generate MORE LEADS, MORE CASH, and a BETTER LIFE.

I found just that — a very good lead generation system that does nott conflict with my MLM company at all. And I learned how to generate the low cost and free mlm leads I need at a cost I could afford.

I found our industry’s most powerful marketing training platform and community. They have helped me and they can help you leverage the internet and explode your home business.

The truth is that there really is no such thing as truly free MLM leads. You will definitely have to make some investment if you are serious about changing your life. With the right knowledge and help you can definitely learn how to generate plenty of highly qualified leads and recruit plenty of motivated team members at a cost that is much lower than the income you bring in by building your business.

What I’ve discovered is a proven system that has taught me how to generate hundreds of my own leads. I now know how to generate qualified low cost and free mlm leads on demand and continuously add new productive members to my tem. You can learn this too!

Go ahead. Click on the link below and learn how you can get a head start on building your business. I’ll see you on the inside.

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